Deepavali festival is round the corner. The festival of lights is celebrated and the day is also known as Lakshmi Poojan. We pray to goddess of wealth for riches and prosperity.

Year 2020 began with NIFTY making a all time high. Soon it was coronavirus pandemic and March 2020 saw a 3 year low. And by this time of the year we are back to a new all time high.

Goddess of wealth has done her part in restoring the market health.

But did we make money?

This is the important question to ask.

Options trading is something which can make money in falling markets as well as rising markets.

Let us learn how to do that.

Options Trading Classes November/December 2020:


November : 22, 28, 29

December : 5,6, 12, 13, 19,20, 26, 27

This blog has now completed 30 months of its existence.

Not a great achievement but not something to forget about either.

The intent was to tell the readers that Option Trading can be done profitably without getting into complexities, multiple sets of trades and you do not have to be glued to the monitor all the time.

The mainstay of this blog has been Option Buying.

Other than that, we have discussed various strategies with options which give result consistently without much effort.

Learn it yourself:

With some effort, everyone can do it. I am not having any special powers to get these results. All of us can do it or even do better by learning, trading within our limitations and having a risk management plan within our trades.

Online Classes in Nov/Dec 2020:

This photo is from my first session conducted at Bangalore in January 2018.

We have come very far from there.

The year 2020 came with Coronavirus and it has changed the world as regards to how the offices and organisations will work in future.

We also went into online mode and classes were conducted in April, May , June and October months.


The session will be of 3 hours 30 minutes duration.

The likely timings are 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Classes will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. The groups will be kept very small. Maximum number in a group will be 4 ( Four ).

Small groups lead to better interactions.

Contents of the session:

Options Buying

Identifying the trades

Exiting the trades

Psychology of a winning trader

The truths about options expiring worthless

Recovering from losses

Money In The Bank Strategy

Not So Lazy Strategy

The Lazy Trader Strategy

The Weekly Warrior Strategy

Bucking The Trend Strategy

Questions from participants and answers

Please note that no theories and formulas/ technical analysis will be discussed. The methods are simple, practical and tested under actual market trades situations.

How It Works

The fee for the course has been kept at a very affordable amount of Rs. 2360 ( including GST )

For booking your session please send a mail to with Online Session in the SUBJECT line.

Please select a date of your choice — Saturdays and Sundays.

Fee is to be paid while booking the session.

Fee can be paid by the following methods:

Paytm : 9729455990

Google Pay : 9728555990

NEFT/IMPS etc. :

Account Details : PRAMOD KUMAR

……………………….. ACCOUNT NUMBER 0101104000231510 ( Savings)

……………………….. IDBI BANK, IFSC CODE : IBKL0000101

……………………….. BELGAUM BRANCH

Please book your dates early.

Those who have attended an earlier session may please refer a friend/fellow trader. Sharing is caring.

Looking forward to your participation.