Dear Readers,

The journey of this blog is now into its fourth year. The support by readers has helped it reach good rankings.

I can dish out post after post but it is for the readers to discern the good from the bad and keep me on my toes through comments and criticism. At some stage, stagnation begins. That is the time when a new approach, a new way to communicate is needed.

You may visit the site on a Saturday/Sunday and find that nothing new was posted on that day. Next weekend you may not visit and miss out on some really useful post.

To keep the readers engaged, a telegram channel is launched and I request the readers to join the channel.

The channel is simple— Optionsnext On Telegram

Let us continue with the familiar name.

Link for joining —-

You will keep getting updates on the posts regularly.

Some new features like polls on trading topics will be started. For Money In The Bank and other strategies, entry and exit trades in real time shall be posted to make it more representative of the actual market conditions.

As it evolves, more and more things will surely come up to keep the readers gainfully engaged.

Please join the channel through the above link.

Please share the link with friends too so that more people can be part of this group.

Looking forward to continued support from all the readers.