This website is in infant stage.

We are finding our feet in a world where social media and instant messengers dominate. The posts here are about one very small niche in Indian Stock markets— Options Buying.

To get viewership numbers for such a small site is an herculean task. But if one keeps plodding away with a purpose, one will surely reach somewhere.

The journey with small steps started on January 21, 2018.

As we progressed into the unknown , new readers became the fellow travelers.

Few months into the journey the site’s Global Ranking was around 2,9000,000.

Another two months and it was 1,600,000. I hoped for a ranking of above 1,000,000 soon. Three months ago I checked and found that we were ranked 950,000. That brought some satisfaction.

Yesterday, we jumped to a much better number, thanks to the steady readership over last 30 day period.

I express my gratitude to all the readers who visit these pages everyday. I thank all of them who interact through comments and share their views. Keep visiting and please keep sharing the posts through your social media. Let us spread the word that Option Buying is profitable.

And it was a surprise to see that the big names which make daily appearance on TV Channels have almost similar rankings for their websites. I checked the numbers for and and these are within these range.

These people have other channels of communication with their audience. We only have these pages to share. No comparisons but it gives some satisfaction.

Let us continue the journey together.

Share with your friends and fellow traders.

Thanks to all of you once again.


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