We had a long series of F&O trading in March 2018.

Here at OptionsNext, we had a series about picking stocks. We made selections based on the parameters of apparent strength and weakness just by looking at 30 day variation and the weekly trends of the stock.

We were right in some and wrong elsewhere.

The important point is to let the profit run in case of being right and cut short the losses in a wrong trade.

Yesterday, the results for the series were posted.

Today, let us have a look at the financials of the exercise.

Here is the net result of all the selections on expiry.

We have been right in 10 trades and wrong in 6 of them. Average gain per trade is higher than the average loss in a losing trade.

And this profit could have been earned with a total of 16 trades in an entire month.

It is not the number of trades, but the profit numbers of the trade that count.

Time to move to April 2018 Contracts :

After the long weekend, it will be business as usual from April 02.

We shall have the same selection process.

Already we have decided to continue with RELIANCE CAPITAL, RPOWER and HINDPETRO as SELL SELECTIONS.

For the other selections, I will be posting tomorrow.

Keep watching this space and keep doing your homework.

Enjoy the trading holidays.