Another day gone.

One of my friends talked to me about this series yesterday. His main point was that I had suggested very few trades over a period of more than two weeks.

My reply was that I did not suggest trades. I only explained a simple method of finding a good trading opportunity.

The aim of trading is to make profit and not to trade for the sake of trading.

Patience is the biggest virtue a trader needs to possess and practice.

More trades seldom result in better profits; you only end up paying more taxes and brokerage.

Coming back to review of the trades, yesterday was a strange kind of day. NIFTY fell about 80 points and then recovered almost all of it. This move did nothing good to our SELL SELECTIONS specially TATA MOTORS and SBIN which came back strongly from the low points of the day.

For yesterday, at least TECHM did what it should have done earlier i.e. it went up.

I had suggested this stock much earlier than the Business Channel experts and it was not obliging. But that only meant all of us can be wrong.

Here is the performance review one by one:


TECHM is doing well though RELIANCE is weak.

KOTAKBANK selected on March 12 too has not done well.


Let us have a look at the first list based on February 27 prices:

All the 5 are still in profit though the profit has reduced considerably in some of them.

Indiabull Housing Finance also stays in profit.

BOSCH was the latest addition to the SELL category.

This has gone wrong considerably, but we wait with it.

Had another look today at NIFTY 50 stocks for any further additions to the trading list.

Did not see any opportunity.

So we stay with the same selections for another day.

Happy trading.