Another week begins.

This time it would be a curtailed week as the market is closed on March 29 and 30 for holidays. Futures and Options contracts expire on Wednesday, March 28 this time.

NIFTY decline continued on Friday ( March 23 ) as well.

We are below 10000 level after a very long time. And now the people have started getting nervous and becoming bearish. we could pick weakness much earlier than other participants and that reflects in the performance of our selections.

Let us review:


TECHM stays slightly profitable. It ended up positive on Friday even in 116 point NIFTY fall. We have already exited from RELIANCE and this has been a wrong selection for us.

Same for KOTAKBANK. We are out of this trade already and it is not doing well.

NTPC stayed positive for most of the day to give up the gains at the end of the day. We stay with the trade.

Performance : 1 Right 3 Wrong


Let us have a look at the first 5 selections.

TATAMOTORS, LUPIN and SBIN all made 52 week lows on Friday and are down 11-12% from the initial prices. MARUTI has also become profitable. The profits in the SELL selections are much bigger than the losses in BUY selections.

Our next choice was IndiaBulls Housing Finance.

Gives around 4.5% profit. Not too big but we take what the market gives.

Let us have a look at BOSCH.

BOSCH too made 52 week low on Friday but recovered in the last trading hour to close near the Thursday closing price. Still a profitable trade.

BHEL also touched 52 week low and then recovered.

We do not grudge a more than 7% gain in the trade.

The last two selections were added on Thursday.

Reliance Capital went to the 52 week low and then recovered very smartly to cause our trade to become a losing trade. RPOWER did okay.

At present we are having 10 SELL selections and 2 BUY selections.

SGX NIFTY is quoting flat at this point of time. Asian Markets are negative but not by much. We should expect a sedate day in the market today, but then markets can surprise us all.

Let us stay with the same selections today.

Do it yourself :

It is really good to note that some of the readers are doing this exercise themselves in other stocks which I have not listed. It is further heartening to note that they are getting good results. Some of them are in touch with me to discuss their selections. This was the purpose of the series– Everyone can pick right stocks for trading.

Keep doing it and keep doing it right.

Trade wisely, trade cautiously.