The last review was done before the market opened on March 07, 2018.

Due to untimely passing away of my brother, further reviews over next two trading days could not be done.

Today, just looked back at the markets over the previous days for putting grief and sorrow behind me. Well, there has been an up move over both days and maybe a bigger positive move may happen tomorrow on Monday ( 12-03-2018 ).

But it is seen that weak stocks have not tuned into strength with this little upside.

Here is the complete review:

Buy Selections:

1 Right, 1 Badly Wrong.

Sell Selections :

As the market had stayed negative most of the time in this period except the last 2 days, SHORT SELL was supposed to give better returns.

The first 5 Sells were indicated on February 27 Closing rates, IBULHSFG was mentioned next day and BOSCH much later.

Status as compared to the dates these stocks were selected is as indicated here:

Out of 7 selections, 1 has gone wrong on Friday ( BOSCH ). Others are all staying negative.

There may be some positive move if the market stays up on Monday, but the down move may be restored with the overall trend being down.

What to do now? :

I would stay with these trades for the present.

An up move will surely take away some of the profits, but I will hold the positions. Let us review at the end of day on Monday.

No further additions planned as of now.

Keep visiting these pages and keep doing these exercises in stock picking on your own.

Everyone can do it and do it right.