Market saw a very smart recovery yesterday.

Decidedly the best up move of the year 2018.

The million dollar question is — Will it sustain?

We shall know the answer when the market opens for trading today.

Yesterday, so many experts and tip providers had recommended TECHM as a BUY.

I had also worked out this stock as a BUY on February 27.

But this stock failed to gain anything on a day when NIFTY was up by almost 200 points.

What does this tell us about the analysis and analysts?

Both are over rated.

Good old common sense is better and can give profitable trades with less effort.

Review Of Selections:

Buy Selections:

Sell Selections:

Even with a huge recovery in NIFTY, all the initial SELL selections are still in the profitable zone.

Two selections ( Both Sell ) were added later. Their performance is shown below:

Out of the 2 , one went wrong ( Bosch Ltd ).

There is no point in doing multiple trades everyday just for the sake of trading. We stay with these selections for today.

Additions to the List:

KOTAKBANK has been outperforming the NIFTY over last 30 days.

NIFTY went down by 0.53% while KOTAKBANK went up by 5.91%. The stock is strong over the last 7 day period also.

This simple observation without getting into any technical analysis is enough for us to add it to our BUY SELECTIONS list.

We add it to our list at Closing Price of 12-03-2018.

SELL SELECTION needs no change at present.

The performance will be reviewed again tomorrow.

Let us make the process simple.

Everyone can do it right.

Happy trading.