My simple book about NIFTY OPTIONS was published on Amazon India in June 2021.

After the early good response, the sales were tapped out as is usual with most books. But with readers giving it their love , the readership through Kindle Unlimited kept on getting better.

Amazon making it available for FREE to Prime Members also helped.

For the second time now, the book has achieved the coveted #1 Rank in its category.

It is every writer’s wish to see his/her work reach more and more people.

For that purpose, the book was made available FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers right from the beginning.

With demand coming in for the Paperback version, this edition was launched in November 2022.

If you wish to get a printed copy of the book you can BUY it on Amazon through this link:

I take this opportunity to thank all the readers of this blog and the readers of this book.

Please spread the word and let more and more people find out that DOING NOTHING also works.

Thanks again.