It is weekend again.

NIFTY moved down 118 points yesterday. Actually worse was anticipated but the close at 16450 is what we finally got.

My e-book is all about making profit from NIFTY options by almost DOING NOTHING.

The book has been received well by the readers of this blog as well others.

The ratings continue to be positive but there are some negative comments too by those who hold different opinions.

Nothing speaks better than the results. Our prejudices do not matter. And the absolutely simple method of DOING NOTHING is working fine.

Well, it should work fine when market is moving up. What is so great about it?

My point is why don’t we ask the same question from option sellers who sell PUTS and make money as the market goes up?

There is nothing wrong with option buying or option selling. We just need to get it right. Getting it right depends on the market mood though we like to pretend that it is our trading skill which made money.

One of the readers posted this comment:

The book shows the results from January 2012 to May 2021.

Results after that will look like this:

June 2021: CALL 14600 Buy Price 870 Sell Price 1207 Profit —- 337 points

July 2021: CALL 15000 Buy Price 892 Sell Price 782 Loss ——(110) points

August 2021: CALL 15000 Buy Price 835 CMP 1420 Profit — 585 points

August 2021 series is still on. The profit may increase or decrease as per the index move.

These 3 months have added another 812 points to the 2021 results.

The first 5 months of the year ( January to May ) gave a profit of 724 points.

We add these 812 points and get 1536 points for the 8 month period.

We had 2 losing months earlier. With July also being a losing month we now have 5:3 profit to loss ratio but profits are bigger.

Good going in 2021.

Here is the Amazon Link for the book:

I understand that most of you have already read it. Please recommend it to friends/fellow traders. Or gift it to them. Share and care.

Spread the word.

Enjoy the weekend.