Over the weekend, it was all about my little book. After all, I should be enjoying my few minutes of fame.

Only in my case it is a shared feeling of joy with my readers. It is your support and belief in what I write which made this book possible and I hope there would be few more books in future.

What is posted here on everyday basis, maybe forgotten in a few days. A book will keep the context and the fact at one place.

Once again, I urge the readers to get their copy by clicking on the image:

Today I am sharing the only negative review received so far.

That is what I have written in the book.

The method has been profitable in 8 out of 10 years with maximum profit coming in 2020.

If an option buyer gets his profit from one big move, the strategy is not working. ( I never said it was a strategy )

If mutual funds gave fantastic returns in last one year — they are Genius.

If someone invested in Index fund — Smart investor

Option Buyer —- Just lucky

Anyway, some biases will never go away.

Sunday’s Post:

Sunday morning laziness is normal.

It is family time and a break from the market.

On such a day I am asking for your indulgence.

Popcorn in a pack stock image. Image of bucket, corn - 116797571

A pack of popcorn — Rs. 150 -200.

A book that will remain will you — Rs. 99 or Free to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.

And this is specifically written for you — the readers of this blog.

Please make this a success.

Buy it for you and send the link to your friends.

Link for sending to friends — https://amzn.to/3gjjDBz

Click on the image to buy/ details of the book:

Make this book your popcorn for the day. It may be the healthier choice.

The review by one of the readers. I could not have explained better:

Yesterday’s post:

The title is simple == PROFIT FROM NIFTY OPTIONS.

Many people are trading that way.

In this book the method is different. It is about making profit from BUYING OPTIONS.

Looks like a tall order.

Everyone talks about 80% of options expiring worthless. Nobody tries to work out the payout of the 20% successful options.

We are so focused on the losses that we do not make an effort for the profits. If we could reduce the percentage of worthless options? Possibly, the results would improve.

Data from January 2012 – May 2021 (113 months) proves that OPTION BUYING — just 1 CALL every month would have given a fantastic profit over this long period.

Unbelievable, but true.

The key is to — DO NOTHING.

Let the market work for you. One can not have a better friend than Mr. Market.

You can buy the book on Amazon by clicking on the image:

Use the weekend to enjoy this small but informative book.

Some of the readers have posted encouraging reviews. Please read them by clicking on the image.

Do Nothing — is for trading. Do something today — get hold of this book.

It costs less than a cup of coffee at CCD.

Today is my day for promoting my book.

I request the readers to share the link with their friends also. Please spread the word.

Thank you readers.