Life is never a straight road to success. There are bumps, pot holes and speed breakers. Still we keep on moving avoiding the hindrances to the best of our ability and keeping the destination in mind.

I never thought that the trading journey on this blog would be so smooth.

For March and April Expiry series, I focused on the performance of the selection process and saw that the results were fantastic. As the correct yardstick for judging the success of a selection is by Futures Trades, we saw that 28 trades ( Futures) taken in these two months would have resulted in a profit of Rs. 363000 with 12 wrong and 16 right trades.

From May 2018, we made our assignment more difficult. We applied the same method to Option Buying. the added factor here were — Time, strike Price and Volatility. It is not easy to find trades that will work out month after month. We know the conventional market wisdom — Option Buyers do not make money.

We decided to defy this conventional wisdom and thanks to the market have been successful so far over the 8 month period. I know this is not a very long period to claim success but it surely indicates that we may be doing something right.

We need to see that percentage of success improves a little bit to give more confidence. But I am alright with a low success rate too as long as profits keep coming.

Trading is all about keeping your wits and patience when things go wrong.

There was very good support from the readers in August when almost every trade went wrong. Then we were rewarded with the bountiful September. I saw the best ever profit in Options Buying in my personal trades as well as in this blog posts. That was the reward for patience and belief. Naturally those kind of profits are not sustainable and after a small profit in October we saw a decline in fortune in November and December.

Then I got this comment from a reader :

    • Thanks for your comments.
      If making a profit of Rs. 540000 over a 8 month period is miserable failure,I am happy to fail repeatedly.
      And if your comment is based on just two days performance, you are welcome to your views.
      How could you call it cheating?
      I didn’t charge any fee or made any promises. I didn’t invite you here to take a trade.
      Constructive criticism is always welcome.

        • The details of the course are made clear and it is for the participants to decide whether it is good or bad. And even Good can not make every one happy. There will surely be some people who are not satisfied.

          I have shared the exchange of comments as it happened.

          There are three points made out:

          I am cheating innocent people and I failed miserably with my trades.

          I do not mention a trade if it fails miserably or I make up a false entry price.

          I charge a fee for my course.

          My replies :

          I am not charging anybody anything for reading these pages. I am sharing the working out of these trades and most of times taking these trades myself. Readers are not obliged to do anything about the trades. And then I share the results which have been good at most times and bad at few times. This sharing is done to establish that our selection process works. This can be done without taking the trades also but then the real emotions of fear and greed are not involved and no trade is free from these emotions.

          Where does cheating come into it?

          Most of my trades fail miserably. There is no hiding from the fact. About 65% of my trades have failed. More than 50% have been worthless paying out ZERO.

          That is what I wanted to tell through this blog. Change our mindset. Focus on winners not the losers. Our successful trades though a miserly 35% have given a profit of more than 500%. If you can not change this mindset then option buying is not for you.

          As far as stating profit and loss is concerned I state loss to the full extent. Profits are kept slightly lower and this fact is mentioned in the post when the trade is exited.

          SK has mentioned that he has got many examples of this. I have asked him to send the details. Those details shall be published here for the readers benefit.

          Yes, I charge a fee for my course.

          People come to attend based on their perceptions. Some find the course content good, all find it different, some find it not good. That is alright. No one can please every one. I can only preach what I know best. I can not teach things I do not believe in convincingly. The main purpose is to establish that option buying can be profitable. Everyone tells us it can not be profitable.

          Then surely the method for making profits has to be different from what we have been doing earlier. Some people are not comfortable with this concept. Yes, it is difficult to change trading habits even if those habits are causing you losses.

          This is my take on these comments.

          Many readers have posted comments in response to SK.

          Thanks for the support and solidarity.

          My Request to SK :

          Since you have chosen to express through an open comment on this platform I am posting my response in a similar way.

          I checked my records and find that you attended the session at Chennai on March 04, 2018.

          I started writing about the selection process from February 28, 2018. Option Trades started from May Expiry. The worst month for the trades came in August.

          If you were facing any difficulties in your trades by this method/any other method you could have mailed me and we would have talked.

          If you really believed that this method is just nonsense and stupid , why you did not come out earlier to save innocent people from being cheated specially in August?

          You did not find the method stupid when more than Rs. 400000 profit was made in September. Only after a loss in December you find that people are being cheated.

          It took you almost 10 months for you to find out that the session you attended was not good for you and the method you learnt was stupid. Really strange. You had this blog and my e mail id all the time with you to share your thoughts. Not thoughts exactly but malicious afterthoughts.

          I could have chosen to ignore your comment and not post it. It was done to bring out the truths and falsehoods. It was done to create a healthy discussion and debate on the topic.

          To All the Readers :

          Let bygones be bygones.

          I know SK. I only do not know why he wrote all this. Let us move on.

          Image result for quotes about criticising others

          I tell in my programs and have written on these pages also that if I can make money by stupid trading methods, I do not want to be intelligent. Any method which generates profits is fine and can not be called stupid.

          Constructive criticism is always good. It improves the working. Keep reading, keep interacting through comments.

          And if some of you want to share something about your own trades and trading method, send a mail to me at and that can be published as a guest post. Looking for a few good ones.

          Happy New Year.