I have been writing posts on this blog for more than two years.

We have seen ups and downs but all through there has been a sustained readership. Perhaps the readers find something they look for. One thing I am sure about is that this place truly reflects the way a trader suffers the pain of a loss or the joy of a profitable trade. The experiences shared here are genuine and most of the readers can identify with them.

It is purely another matter whether the experience is liked by them or not. Who would like a loss or continued losses over a period of time?

But we are not divorced from reality. Losses happen to all of us. Most of us suffer them privately, I have to do it full public view and face the music for the same. But I chose that path for myself. If I am not able to walk in an upright manner on my chosen path, bystanders can and will make fun of me.

Sharing the same thought process every day can becoming boring at times. This site is about keeping it simple, keeping the trades to minimum and all about doing almost nothing. To write about doing nothing on daily basis is tiresome.

Readers’ Posts:

I would like some of the readers to come up with their trading ideas/ methods and write a post. The post can be entirely different in the thought process from what I believe in and write about.

You can write the post and mail it to me — teachtotrade@gmail.com

The post can be about the profit you made in a month/year/from a trade or it could be about how you overcame a loss. Or you can share your method of selecting stocks.

It is a good feeling to see your ideas on the net in a forum where others come to read. Please share your views to get that good feeling.

Sharing the thoughts goes a long way towards becoming a better trader.

Looking forward to your contributions to these pages.

Enjoy the weekend and while enjoying write and share your first post.

Thanks for reading.