After the heady cocktail of a huge profit last month, the October series was like a glass of plain water. We had a bubbly  soda in the beginning in the form of HINDPETRO PUT 240 trade. That trade carried us through the month.

Any profit is a profit and one must accept it gracefully.

Out of 10 trades, only 3 trades made money. Not a very good strike rate but profitable. In fact, our profit came down from much higher levels. Same thing happened  in July Expiry. We take what the market gives us.

One reason was the high premiums paid to buy the options.

Second reason was that we stopped looking for new trades sure in the belief that we can not lose in this month because of one very good trade. No effort, no reward.

We learn our lessons and move on.

Since May 2018, we now have 5 profitable months out of 6. A real confidence booster.

Number of successful trades are 34 out of 86 and overall profit nearly Rs. 585000.

Let us hope that the journey continues in the same vein.