The new week beginning saw a change of momentum.

Friday was up, up and away.

Monday was down, down and further down.

That is stock market for us. From hope to despair in just one day. How do we explain it?

We do not.

We either suffer because of such moves or gain from them depending on how we are positioned in the trades. Explanations do not make money and whatever reason we may come up with can go wrong next day.

The fall helped us but not by much.

BHARTIAIRTEL had moved down to Rs. 377, then shot up all the way to Rs. 391 to move back again to Rs. 381. It finally closed lower than previous day but PUT 360 closed lower. It is time this stock moved lower by 4-5% in a single session. The slight down moves will do us no good.

ZEEL too behaved similarly. From 466 it went up to 478 and then moved down slightly. Ended positive. Positive close on a day when NIFTY was down 137 points. But the stock has a history of inconsistent moves.

IBULHSGFIN and L&TFH both moved down nicely and improved the positions from previous day. So did TATAMOTORS.

We need a continuation of the trend in these stocks to see some profit this month.

Here is the present status:

New Trade :

For me, new trades are mostly a repeat of old trades.

We go back to RELCAPITAL.

With the general trend of market it had moved up smartly and the high on September 03, 2018 was Rs. 487.70.

The low price yesterday ( September 17) was Rs. 408.25.

We know that the stock is highly volatile and another 5-6% move may still be there on the downside if market moves lower.

PUT 390 at Rs. 5.20-5.60 could be good trade. Lot size is 1500.

Trade cautiously, trade profitably.

Disclaimer: This post and examples are for teaching purpose only and are not meant as advice/suggestion to trade in these stocks. Trading in Futures and Options can lead to big losses and should be done with appropriate knowledge and advice only. Mentioning the stocks here does not imply that I have a trading position or likely to take a trade in these stocks.