Most of the books on options trading are dry, dreary and too detailed. This one is different.

From the book:

Why this book?

I know that I am not the brightest bulb in the room.

But I can brighten my corner of the room.

Surely the light will be good for someone.

I have chosen to share a very simple method of option buying which works.

I will be pleased if it helps the reader in making a profit from their trading.

I will be pleased if they learn that simple things work.”

About Option Buyers making money in the market:

“The market wisdom is that option buyers do not make money.

When you make money, you just got lucky.

When option writers make money, they are geniuses. You will find number of articles on financial websites singing praises of these traders.

In my view, they too just get lucky.

When they fail, the fall is very steep.

When an option buyer fails, the loss is not too big. One can get up to fight again.”

About Back Tested Data:

Back testing of data is always comfortable. Actual trading is not. Back testing would show that the losses eventually turned into profit.

In real trading, going through the losing period is a hellish job. While going through that time, we tend to lose belief, make mistakes and stop doing what we need to do.”

How market experts view option buying profit:

Market pundits are of the firm opinion that option buying is a sure way to disaster.

No amount of profit over any period will convince them.

You get a profit over one year — you got lucky.

You get a profit over two years — you got very lucky.

You show a profit over three years – how lucky you can get. You are sure to lose it all.”

About the book:

These were some of the snippets from the book which has been good response from the readers since it came out as an eBook in June 2021.

The book establishes the fact that option buying is a way to make money in the market over long term. The experts be damned.

Now, thanks to the initiative taken by Mr. Pramesh Jain, the book is available in Paperback Edition.

Link to order on Amazon:

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