This blog site got its first post on January 21, 2018. It was the day the first F&O Workshop was held at Bangalore.

That was when the journey began.

The response from the participants was wonderful. There were questions coming thick and fast and the entirely different approach to option buying was a novelty to many of the participants.

Here are few of the comments from the participants:

(Names withheld, they will definitely know it)

“It was a very clear and thorough session today Sir. I am hoping to study and implement all that I learnt today from you in the upcoming months. I had to take my return bus at 7:30 PM and hence I couldn’t stay back to talk to you. I will support you in all possible ways when you plan to conduct a session in Chennai sir.”


“Sir, many many many thanks for your class yesterday. It was such a pleasure meeting you as well as learning from you. You have genuinely imparted knowledge to educate and create awareness on how to use options effectively! Thank you once again sir! God bless you.”


“It was my pleasure. Yes weigthed futures hedging with really made sense now i need to test it and I will get back to you with reports. Once again thanking you for sharing your trading wisdom with us.”


“I am very glad to meet you, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us.”

From Bangalore we moved on to Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai in February and March 2018.

In April, it was Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.

There was a break of two months as I had traveled abroad during May and June.

The same places were repeated subsequently and the final program of the year recently concluded at Bangalore on December 16, 2018.

Some of the comments from this program:

“It was a very good session for me. My important takeaway is to reduce trading and improve patience. I realised that it makes a world of difference when I am stop being petty minded. 
I have a lot to learn from you. Your humility and willingness to help genuine learners is another bright spot for people like me.”
“Thank you so much for the opportunity.
I was a great session.”
“Thank you for an educative and engrossing session today on option trading. It was wonderful to listen to your experiences over the years and the lessons that we can derive from the trading journey.
I will apply these methods to identify stocks and revert back with trading ideas.”
There has been some complaints too. Those who came with the expectations of lot of technical insights left disappointed. It was stated in the introduction to the program that it is all about keeping it simple.
Postings on OptionsNext :
The blog posts here have become a supplement to these classes. It is now a testing ground for the ideas taught there. This is the most practical way of finding out whether the theory actually works in real trades or not. So far this year it has worked wonderfully. There have been difficult times like we are now having in December Expiry but looking at the year as a whole, it has been a very good journey.
Interaction by the readers has been excellent.  A site with very limited content getting around 4000-5000 page views per day is a positive for which I am thankful for the readers.
I am also thankful to 396 participants who participated in these F&O Workshops. I congratulate them on making the effort to become better traders and wish them more successful trades in future.
Plans for the Year 2019 :
The content of the sessions is being revised on the basis of the feedback received from the participants. The basic theme remains the same but the trading examples are being updated to recent trades so that it becomes easy to relate.
The content on Option Strategies for Consistent Profits is also being revised to bring more clarity on the subject.
There are always lively questions on Futures Hedged Strategy. The content here is being expanded.
The year begins with sessions at Mumbai on January 06, 2019 and Hyderabad on January 13, 2019.
Further programs shall be announced in these pages subsequently.
We move on expecting for a successful year 2019.
Once again I express my sincere thanks to the participants of these programs, readers of these pages and the people who have supported me all the while during preparation and conducting of the sessions.