This blog came to life on January 20, 2018 a day prior to my first Futures and Options Workshop at Bangalore on January 21.

With little tentative steps, it has gained some readership and there were more than 150000 page views in the month of October 2018. I would like to thank my readers for this. For a blog which is focusing on a very small niche of Options Buying, the kind of viewership is really encouraging.

It was not always like that.

In 2016 I had started a similar blog with the name— thewinningtraders.

I wrote everyday for few weeks. No one bothered to read. Even my friends and family members were not reading. Believe me, the content was similar to what I write today. It was like giving a speech in an empty auditorium. When no one is listening to you, even the best speech in the world is worthless and anyway I was not giving the best speeches.

Then I moved to Quora. It is a platform which attracts a multitude of readers towards subjects they want to read about. Soon people started reading what I wrote. Many became followers and would immediately upvote my answers.  Today with almost two years on Quora about to be completed, the number of followers has risen to 28000.

There are people with far bigger following there but since I have confined myself to a niche, I am more than happy with these numbers.

The point is that my writings have been useful for some readers.

One thing led to another and this blog came about.

For my stock market journey before the life at Quora and this blog, please read here:

This was published on Quora on June 30, 2017.