The Winning Traders Strategies group was launched last year in June and trades began from July 2020 series.

Mostly Money In The Bank trades were taken by all the members of the group.

Some other strategies like Nifty Butterfly, Not So Lazy hedged options, Bucking The Trend etc. were also traded by some of the members based on their capital and risk appetite.

The results are summarized here for the 12 month period.

The profit for the 12 month period is Rs. 260938.

As the June expiry happened yesterday, our trades for July 2021 series are currently showing a profit of about Rs. 8800. The good show continues.

Why to join the group when all the information is available for free on the blog?

This is what was written at that time:

New Group :

Members of the earlier group actually made these profits. Some made more also by trading 2/3 lots each.

I can say it with certainty that those who called me frequently ( at least once in a week ) had better results than those who traded without calling. But they too were successful and that gives me happiness.

I am planning to start a new group from this month.

The objectives are same as before and methodology will be same.

Strategies Group:

This group is a proposed mentoring program for those readers who would like to use option strategies for consistent returns without worrying about monitoring the trades throughout the day.

Besides the Money In The Bank strategy, we shall deploy other strategies from time to time depending on the market moves.

Let the strategies work for you while you are busy with your work.

I plan to take a maximum of 20 people in this group and the focus would be on making profit through strategies. Guidance will be provided for setting up and exit as well as staying firmly in the trades when things seem to be going wrong.

The target profit for one year period is — Rs. 2.00 lakhs but we shall not mind if we get better result than that.

Fee for the program:

The fee is annual and payable at joining the program.

Rs. 30000 ( including GST ) per year.

I am fully confident that if the trades are taken rightly ( that will be ensured by active participation for entry and exits) we shall be achieving our profit targets.

If the 12 month period ends in a loss, the entire fee paid will be refunded.

If the profit for the 12 month period is less than Rs. 100000, half the fee will be refunded.

( The 12 months so far have gone as per expectations and based on past data similar results are expected in the times ahead )

I know we should not be talking about refunds. But this site is about teaching and learning about trading. If after so much effort and commitment, we are not able to achieve the desired goal, we have failed as a teacher and student combination.

The likelihood of a refund ( however small ) will keep me focused on the task ahead of us.

How to join:

The readers who are interested may please send a mail to We shall discuss the details after that.

Number of members in the group will be a maximum of 20.