This blog came into existence on January 21, 2018.

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Welcome to

This site goes online today in synchronization with the first workshop on 21st Jan 2018, at Hotel Sovereign Grand -Bangalore. This is the beginning of the journey together. Please keep visiting for more.
The journey of one year has been very exciting and fruitful.
Our Option Buying Method has proved to be very successful. It began with May 2018 F&O Series and has been continued since then with exceptionally good returns. Readers have taken it very well and it can be seen from their comments when the good trades happen.
The simple process of Stock Selection for trading was started from March 2018 F&O Series. It showed fantastic results over March and April Series and was changed to Option Buying Series from May Expiry.
The support from the readers has been wonderful. When the time was tough as in August and December Series, the readers stood by me with conviction and patience and the market rewarded us with handsome gains in September.
A journey which started with uncertain tentative steps one year ago continues on a defined path now.
We shall continue on this rewarding journey with the tested and simple methods. I wish more and more readers will visit the site in this year. Please share the pages with your other trading friends. Spreading good things is its own reward.
In one year this site has achieved 1, 000, 000 page views.
For a very small niche site devoted to just option buying with less than one post per day on average, this is a very good number.
I express my thanks to all the readers for their support and encouragement throughout the year.
Let us set our target for next year as at least 3, 000,0000 Page Views.
Thanks dear readers.